Crowd Goolge results page with YOUR links


I’m often asked: “My company has a website, why in the world would we need or want a blog?

My best answer? Well there are a lot more than one reason for your company (or even corporate) website to be supplemented by a business blog… but if I had to give you ONE reason:

Fill up the top ten Google and Yahoo search engine results pages with YOUR links.

You see, there’s only 10 listings per results page… you want potential customers to find you.
They type keywords into Google, What they get from Google is a SERP.
Search Engine Results Page
And there’s 10 results (listings) per page.

What if?
What if somebody saw not one, not two, but 4 or more listings that all pointed to YOUR company?
(never mind that the more point to you, that leaves less space for your competition, right?)

What would 4 listings out of the top ten suggest to your prospective customer?

I’d be thinking… “Geez, these guys are EVERYWHERE!”
and the implication being… Well they must be good at what they do, apparently Google thinks so.

So… how do you get the Google and Yahoo serps pages to be full of your links?

I know, I know, you already have a website, you told me that already, and I know you already have a web design guy or gal…

For multiple listings you need Frederick Web Promotions


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