Your site has to rank in Google FIRST…


Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia small businesses hire me to get their company websites to rank higher in Google and Yahoo.

Sometimes a local small business owner hires me as a Internet Advertising Consultant, others hire me to create a website from scratch AND get it to rank in Google.

The first thing I do when I’m working with a client that already has an existing corporate or company website is… leave the existing site alone, totally.

The first thing we want to do is to get quality back links, what’s that? A back link is:
An external website, external to the existing site, that has links pointing to the original site.

The next thing I do is create business blogs to supplement that existing website.
What I do NOT do is mess with the existing website… not yet.

Now, Google is not going to tell us what the criteria is to get ranked. How I do that is the result of Science, Skill and Knowledge of the Game… and a bit of Alchemy.

The fact that Google’s algorithm changes around once a year means that the expensive web design firm down the street from me is no better at this than I am.
… kinda levels the playing field.

So… How does Google go about deciding who gets to be #1 and who gets to be #2?

I could tell you but I’d have to kill you…

What we do with the blogs is to get them to rank on their own, and have them link to the main site while they’re ranking in the search engines. It doesn’t matter if the blogs are not going to have staying power.. what matters is that they are quality back links.

There are other WEB 2.0 trade secrets I do but you’ll have to hire me to find out what they are.

All of my Frederick Maryland Internet Advertising Clients are at the top of Google™ for the keywords that will make them money. How does a keyword make a company money?

keywords and keyword phrases are what your prospective customer is going to type into Google and Yahoo to find what they’re looking to purchase!

After I’ve accomplished the above… then it’s time to edit the existing web site…

And then tweak the sales copy… but that’s a separate blog post (and a separate charge…)
I’ll give you a hint for free…

The beginning WEB2.0 websites are not even for human consumption… they’re for GoogleBot’s consumption


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