SEO makes your company the APEX Predator


SEO makes us the APEX Predator, the Alpha Business in our area

How’d you like to be the business everyone is afraid of AND at the same time afraid to NOT be associated with you? Local Search Engine Optimization means you get to influence who gets elected in your local city, county, even state.

If that sounds far fetched… think again.

How many people do you know that can get Google to say what they want Google to say, when they want Google to say it?

Most people naively think that the organic search results are ‘democratic’, that’s why being listed in the main body of search results is so valuable.

when you’re number one, you’ve got a bulleye on your forehead.

When you forcibly take the top spots in all the local search engines, who ever “USED TO BE” #1 is now going to take cheap shots at you. When you’re the alpha business man, EVERYBODY else is the beta weenies…



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