Googlebot – 6 weeks to circle the globe


It is said that it takes Googlebot roughly 6 weeks to circumnavigate the entire planets websites
…that’s one rotation.

Only Google knows for sure and they aren’t telling.
Then it collates what it sees

Well you can’t very well extrapolate from one set of data, you have to have something to compare that to in order to draw conclusions; so one more rotation of the earth and now you’ve got a base line to spot trends.

Your competitor already has top position and therefore has what Google terms:  trustfilter
You however have to prove you should be there and not him/her

So one rotation and Gbot see’s your impressive collection of links.. now you’ve not yet proven your self…
And one more rotation and this go around Gbot see’s even more inbounds pointing to you. and you’ve got a trend going

IF and this is a big if… if your opponent is complacent and did NOT increase his inbounds, and the ‘trend’ is in your favor… now you have a shot at his cached position.

Maryland Search Engine Optimization Expert David Bruce of Frederick Web Promotions

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