Link Building by Forum Posting


I’ve been on a marathon signing up for forums to post to (both to learn stuff I didn’t know, share what I do know and get my link spidered)

Almost all of the forums are running the same BBS script, have similar “don’t do X or we will kick you out”

Some that are not monitored closely (moderated is the proper term I believe) those are very, VERY quickly overrun with link spam

what is link spam?

people who are attempting to get an inbound link by any means necessary

Often, not always, but often those link spammers (if you want to call them that, it is in the eye of the beholder) are promoting sleazy stuff like online casinos (again in the eye of the beholder, I don’t gamble so it’s foreign to me, hence sleazy) or products

Those ‘link spammers’ are: intrusive, obnoxious, could care less about this community or any other, in reality all they came here for is to “rifle through our pockets, see if we have any lunch money and take it from us”

I believe link dumping is a synonym for link spammers

I’m of two minds on this… I am a marketer and at least part of why I bother to participate is to get my link spidered… but I also contribute to a community. I share what I do know and listen closely to what I want to learn

there are some who think what I do is link spamming also

I don’t
Maryland Search Engine Marketing Consultant David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions


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