95% of all Blogs are abandoned, makes it easier for us


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95% of Blogs Abandoned

95% of Blogs Abandoned

Since most bloggers don’t update their blogs, the ones that do get more attention from Google. The problem is that most people lack the understanding of how to get the most out of their blogs and give up the second they don’t make any type of an income.

I’ve been making good money with my blogs for the last three years however, mine are created to convert a certain product and the content is below the call to action for that product.

I’ve done a good bit of testing and have found that building a blog and loading it down with ads doesn’t work. However, creating a blog like a website with a call to action does.

Blogs, like websites, are a great way to make money but to make money with them they need to look and feel more like a websites and less like a billboard. It’s a lot easier to drive traffic to a blog than to a website but you have to know what to do with the traffic when it arrives. Just my two cents.


I got this blurb from WebProWorld a blog I subscribe to, I’d like to add that because most blogs are: not updated near often enough and most of them completely abandoned… what’s the mean for us 5 percenters?

The world of Google Ranking is our oyster!!!

That means even a mediocre blog can outperform it’s competitor, ANY competitor by simply wearing the compettion down.

“Successful People do the things that failures don’t like to do” Earl Nightngale from the 1960’s (pre Tony Robbins)


One Response to “95% of all Blogs are abandoned, makes it easier for us”

  1. deelishee Says:

    Yeah ! Great tips here.

    Getting traffic is one of the biggest frustrations about blogs.

    Getting traffic can be really time consuming. I write more too about traffic on my blog.




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