Local Google Business Listing Reviews


Ever wonder why your companies listing in Google does OK in the main body of Google’s search results page but is not in the top 10 of those pesky Google Local Business Listings?

We’re talking about Local Google Advertising, not National ranking, local ranking in Google Maps.

Ultimately what you want is to be found in BOTH sets of listings, the net effect of which would be to drive home in your prospective customers Mind’s Eye that Google apparently thinks pretty highly of your company if Google is displaying YOUR company listing in A) the Local Google Advertising Business Listings and in the Organic Search Rankings.

Maryland Search Engine Optimziation 9-1-09

Well people’s perception and Google’s reality are far, far apart.

Google didn’t *pick* you to be #1 and your competitor to be #11

A computer program picked you over the hapless fella you compete with. A person did not visit your site, take notes, compare notes, make a decision, hear the belly aching and whining of the poor fool who got bumped off of his front page listed by a website that ranked better than his…

Nope, an algorithm picked you over them.

Think about it… there are what? a Gazillion webpages already indexed in Google? And how many tens of thousands of new webpages being created as we speak? Some of those tens of thousands are being “generated” by a “bot”.

There is no way on God’s Green Earth a staff of humans could possibly keep up with that kind of volume. An algorithm did it. The robot that scours the Internet (in the SEO industry we call that “spidering”) is titled GoogleBot.

GoogleBot can NOT read… but it CAN count

Googlebot counts the words on your webpage, it counts the keywords and keyword phrases you use in your copy. Is y0ur company website a little light on copy? Too bad for you.

It matters little to Googlebot if the fancy flash graphic and dramatic digital photos depicting your most important product are… well the damn thing can’t decipher a photo! but it CAN read text.

What ever makes your photos good, better or best and likewise your competitors photos crappy is subjective. Art is subjective, math is not.

Either the keywords are on your webpage (Prominently placed at the top of the page I hope) or the keyw0rds are not.

He who has the most keywords (elegantly, tactfully and deftly constructed with proper enough grammar for the spell checking programmed Googlebot to index).. Wins that coveted top spot!

But… the Google Local Business Listings are a different story. The algo is different. What Google is looking for and rewards when it sees it for the organic search results page (the body of the page) is one thing. What Googlebot is looking to see in the Free Local Google Advertising Listings is quite another.

I’m not about to reveal the entire loophole in a “Google Secrets Revealed” post, not even for a hefty $1000 fee for an ebook (I’d do it for that price if it were ticket sales to a seminar and I got a couple dozen of you to buy $1000 tickets to eagerly learn how I do what it is I do) (that’s in the works by the way)

No, I’m not telling, not the whole thing but I will give you a hint, and I’m giving said hint in the form of my own Maryland search engine optimization results. This is not theory, This is not alleged, What follows is battle tested.

I’m competing against the best of the best, the top guys and gals in Maryland: other SEO professionals. Link building technicians like me:)

Here Goes, you figure it out:
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Marketing businesses using Google Page Rank‎ – Al‎ – May 12, 2009
I have been in the marketing business for nearly 35 years and have seen just about everything but I am very impressed with David’s knowledge of the internet and search engines;knowledge he uses it to get customer top “organic” page rank across a wide variety of business and organizations…and he techniques show actual page rank in a matter of weeks! He has worked with me for 3 weeks and my company is already establishing itself on a page rank basis. I « Hide
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Thanks to Frederick Web Promotions‎ – Stuart‎ – Jul 23, 2009
Frederick web promotions has helped my videography skills become noticed by companies such as the Discovery Channel. With out the help of Frederick Web Promotions more than likely this wouldn’t have been possible this soon because the Discovery Channel found me using a google search on Outdoor Videographers a keyword David Bruce and I picked out. He is also a great person to work with because he is so friendly and knowledgeable about web promotions/ promoting. I would definitely recommend him to friends, family, and other businesses. «

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Frederick Maryland SEO tech helps North Carolina Videographer get “discovered” by the Discovery Channel

Made a profit on the promotion within 2…‎ – joesuph‎ – Jul 21, 2009
I’m VERY pleased with David’d expertise, it was well beyond what we expected. David is very knowledgable, friendly provides excellent customer service. « Hide
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Search Engine Domination!!!‎ – Josh‎ – Jun 8, 2009
David has been amazing. He has taken our small business site and kept us at the top in search engines in the areas that most help our business. He’s been so effective that we’ve decided to remove our phone book advertising, saving us a ton of money and increasing our advertising exposure. Great communication and stays on the ball. We couldn’t be happier! « Hide
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Director of Operations at Commercial Buildings Maintenance Inc – Roberto‎ – Aug 5, 2009
David grabbed us the #1 spot in Google for Maryland Commercial Cleaning. David has been more than a search engine optimization expert for us teaching our organization social media marketing skills « Hide
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Eugene Oregon Vanguardia Marketing ‎ – Christina‎ – Jan 10, 2009
I have been consulting with David Bruce for several weeks about my website. He has worked with me to developed a SEO and marketing strategy that is working very well. At the time of this review one of my businesses is dominating the first page of Google with 4 top spots for the targeted keywords. I am very impressed with the knowledge and understanding that David possesses about SEO and marketing in general. He is an analytical thinker and it shows in his knowledge of how Google and the other search engines work to rank a website. I am always amazed at how many different approaches he can come up with to obtain the desired results for my business. If you want to hit home runs with your internet advertising give David a call to get start. David knows what it takes to dominate the search engines and he will take the time to find out exactly what your goals are so that he can work to achieve them for you. « Hide
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Effective website promotion!‎ – Christopher‎ – Jan 13, 2009
I had a website that did not rank in google at all. I never received any phone calls from new customers. Since Dave took over my site, I have steadily ranked on the first page when searched under Frederick Maryland printers. This has increased my new customer calls from zero to at least one a day. At this rate, I will quadruple my sales this year. « Hide
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Gets the job done right!‎ – Josh‎ – Jan 13, 2009
We never had any website whatsoever. David contacted us and offered to publish us a site through a local website. We have been working closely with him since, and I can say that even a small page with David really carries a bang for the buck. Just our small advertising page has netted us curious customer both via phone and e-mail, and we look forward to improving and increasing the possibilities the that David and the internet offer our business! « Hide
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Great Service… Highly Recommend! ‎ – Pete‎ – Jan 16, 2009
David provided friendly and quality info that helped me dominate local search engine results in no time. If you are looking for LOCAL search marketing knowledge, David is your man! Very good return on investment… Thanks Again David! « Hide
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Awesome SEO service‎ – car‎ – Jan 21, 2009
With just a few tweaks and ideas, I was able to get to the top 10 of googles results pages. I am really glad I let David give my site a whirl.‎
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Notice any patterns here?

David Bruce Jr is a Maryland search engine optimization consultant who specializes in local Google advertising for small to medium sized Maryland businesses.


2 Responses to “Local Google Business Listing Reviews”

  1. lsammis Says:

    Interesting description of google business listings. Having been at the top for a long time and then suddenly dropped off- I know how valuable these listings are.

    Now that I can’t do it myself anymore, what do you charge to improve the business listings or can you recommend anyone?

  2. lsammis Says:

    I’m back at the top of goggle business listings thanks to David. He did a great job. It is amazing that such little changes make such a huge difference. He really does know his stuff.

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