Some advice on Search Engine Optimization


Some advice on Search Engine Optimization

Author: Scott Johnson Date Created: Aug 26, 2009 – 8:43:28 AM

To set a successful search engine optimization strategy you have to maintain several key elements. Proper keyword selection, website content, on page search engine optimization, link building etc. are some of hem. Here we will discuss about these strategies. Proper keyword selection is a very important job to target a section of people who will search your website to gather information and do business. So the success or failure of your site is dependent on the very factor that how appropriate key words and phrases you are setting for your content.

Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is a kind of tool which will help you to find out what phrases people are actually searching for, and then choose the terms that will bring your site the most targeted visitors. This tool provides top searched keywords from Word tracker. Another keyword tool is Keyword Density Checking Tool This tool analyzes your chosen URL and return a table of keyword density values for one-, two-, or three-word key terms. Its useful for helping webmasters and SEOs achieve their optimum keyword density for a set of key terms. If you are not targeting the proper phrases and keywords then your all efforts can be wasted. Balanced website content is a vital element to acquire a higher position in the searching engine. It should be balanced in that sense that both the search engine and websites visitors get attracted to this content. So your content writer should understand this criterion. He or she has to have the both abilities to write proper for human readers and for search engine. If she or he so much obsessed with the fact of ranking in search engine index like Google or yahoo then he or she is not completely a seo writer in that sense. He or she must know how to write for the human beings and how to attract the common people with his pr her writing and with the subject of that article. There is no use of writing nonsensical text and article and having acquired one of the top positions of a search engine index without the popularity and understanding of the visitors of your website or blog. Your content must be well written and thus you can get your desired higher ranking by the search engines. Writing proper titles, Meta tags and tags will boost your websites search engine ranking. Search engine friendly code and navigation selection is important and desired. Once your website is primed in this area, you will be on the path to big success. Link building is also very important factor for getting a quality position for your website. Relevant links are required. There are two tools which will help you in this purpose. They are Broken Link Checker – Which hyperlink does not work, for example because the target file is missing or has been moved or has no public read permission. Xenu’s checks websites for broken links. Link verification is done on “normal” links, images, plug-ins, frames, backgrounds, style sheets, local image maps, java applets and scripts.

Link Popularity Checker – This tool provide instant online reports of a webpage’s link popularity rating in 3 top search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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This short article underscores the importance of discovering what keywords people are REALLY searching for rather than you guess what you think people are searching for. The author is from India and English is a second language to him, so please over look the awkward grammar.

Maryland Search Engine Optimization

Observe how many pages Google is saying that it found with the keyword phrase: maryland search engine optimization:

From Maryland Search Engine Optimization

Google is reporting that it found 2,250,000 pages all trying to be #1 for this keyword phrase

Now Google the same phrase BUT this time put quotation marks around the keyword phrase (keyword combination):
“maryland search engine optimization”

From Maryland Search Engine Optimization

So now we know the true number of other webmasters all trying to take my coveted high ranking.


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