Effective Use of External Blogs for SEO Test


External Blogs as Supporting Blogs for SEO

Frederick Web Promotions is in the business of raising the ranking of our clients company websites in Google.

Companies pay us to get their website to show up in the top 10 search results of Google (and other search engines). We have a team of professional bloggers, experts in social media, web design professionals, off site promotion staff and so on.

The ranking strategy currently used at Frederick Web Promotions is constantly evolving with each update of Google’s complex ranking algorithm. I say “currently” because every 6 months or so Google changes what it favors and does not favor.

What’s Hot Right Now Could Be Paseé in 6 Months

Our current ranking strategy can be summed up in a sentence:

Ranking High in Google is 20% on site optimization and 80% OFF site promotion

Towards this company philosophy we’ve enjoyed quite a bit of success getting our paying SEO clients to rank in Google where they want to be ranked. Untill now I’ve been doing this solo, now I’ve hired a crack team and trained them. In essence I’ve cloned myself:)

I employed a variety of tactics that provided excellent results for the small business clients we handle the online promotion for but I’ve not done “split testing” until now.

Effective immediately we now empirically test each method and will be reporting back  on the main company blog (Frederick Web Promotions) what works well, what works OK, what doesn’t work, how well it works and so on. Actually I’ve begun a “Do it Yourself SEO” section. More on that later.

As stated above, we are of the opinion that the first thing needed to improve the ranking of a company website is to “optimize” or alter the existing website to “make Google like it better”. Often companies come to me with a pretty website that they paid a web designer to build and said pretty website does not “perform” in Google search results.

The most common error I see web designers make is:

You’re writing to the wrong audience, you’ve got to RANK first! Write for Googlebot before you write for humans

 Towards the Off site promotion we tested adding a single blogspot blog and a single wordpress.com blog with one post each to see how much the addition of these extra websites improved the ranking of one of our clients. That’s right I just described OFF SITE promotion as the addtion of what for lack of a better term I’ll call “extra websites“.

We have a client that is a Maryland general contractor serving Montgomery County Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Howard County Maryland and Frederick Maryland (where we are). Suffice it to say they cover Mid Maryland and Washington DC metro area. We got them in the top ten of local Google search results for the keyword phrase: “maryland home remodeling” (lower case on purpose because Google’s algo converts upper case to lower case)

So we wanted to improve their ranking for Maryland General Contractors, because our clients not only can do a single kitchen remodeling job but can also do large jobs as well (and they have the resume/ portfolio / testimonials to back that claim up).

Without altering a single thing on the main website, we added 2 blogs hosted on the 2 most popular free blog platforms and added one post each… checked their ranking before and after.

Results of our empirical test of local Google advertising?

Before the test ranking:

#271 in Google

Which is to say they were found on the 27th page in Google when you type in the keyword phrase: Maryland General Contractors, you had to click “next” 27 times, for all practical purposes they were buried deep in the bowels of Google search results

After the test ranking results:

#171 in Google

OK, OK so I’ll grant you that’s no where near the first page of search results but as a test I think it demonstrates pretty dramatically the effectiveness of adding extra websites, external blogs, supporting blogs to improve an existing company website’s ranking.

After one post to the blogspot blog, it is currently ranked #141 in Google,

Frederick Web Promotions

Local Google Advertising Consultant
6688 Canada Goose Ct
Frederick, Maryland

240 315-1515


One Response to “Effective Use of External Blogs for SEO Test”

  1. Don’t look now but this tactic apparently worked much better than I’d hoped it would.


    Our client IS now in the top ten for the keyword phrase: Maryland General Contractor


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