Why Does Search Engine Optimization Cost So Much?


I’m often asked why SEO costs so much, for one thing if I take on a client in one industry, I can not take on another client in the same industy. If I accept a home remodeler, I can not represent a home painter, a home drywall contractor, a home improvement contractor, a general contractor because of conflict of interest.

I say accept a client because demand exceeds supply, there are lot’s more customers where you came from, and some of them have deeper pockets than you do. For a small  business, one that does not command a corporation sized advertising budget, Ranking In Google Local Search Results is hands down the number one most effective advertising option available to (almost) any small business in the US (and probably the UK and Europe as well).

Bottom Line: you need me more than I need you, even if you aren’t yet aware that you need me at all, or if y0u are just now discovering that it is possible to improve your companies ranking in Google organic listings and more specfically improve your ranking in Googlemaps. Sorry if that sounds brash and arrogant but it is what it is.

Many of my Maryland clients have cancelled their costly YellowPages advertising because quite frankly, the advertising I offer is better, faster and cheaper. I *should* raise my fees to more than the Yellowpages charge ($500.00 a month for some clients).

What exactly IS SEO?

To the uninitiated it seems like a simple proposition once you learn what Google likes, what Google Does NOT like and Give Google What It Wants.

The complex computer program (algorithm) that makes the decision as to who gets to be number one and who is ranked number two and so on is a closely guarded secret within the hallowed walls of Googledom. Google is an advertising company. This fact is often overlooked by people assuming Google is governed by the same FCC laws that regulate the TV airwaves, it is not.

If I take a doctor as a client, I can make them dominate the local google search results for the county they work in I am ethically obigated to not take any other doctors (for that county anyway). I can make a Frederick Maryland optometrist rank in Google and a Frederick Maryland podiatrist or a Montgomery County Maryland optometrist but for Frederick County Maryland I’m done.

Businesses that operate in more than one county are more problematic. You have to pay me to get you to rank in each county, some counties are harder to rank than others.
More coming…

David Bruce Jr
Apex Predator SEO Mercenary For Hire
Local Google Advertising Consultant
Frederick, Maryland

240 644-7530


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