Effective Use of External Blogs for SEO Test Results


Frederick Web Promotions recently performed an empirical test to see what, if any effect the use of an external blog would be to improve the ranking of a main website.

What We Tested:

Our team created one single blogspot.com blog and one single wordpress.com blog to act as “supporting blogs” for one of our local seo clients. At the time of the test that client, a Frederick Maryland General Contractor, was currently ranking very well for the keyword phrases: Maryland Home Remodeling, and Maryland Custom Painting. Which was fortuitous to our client as home interior painting was the most profitable service BT Martin Contractors performed.

Targeting a New Keyword Phrase:

When you’re marketing on Google from your companies perspective you are hawking a product or service… from a human’s perspective.  I mean the end result we’re all shooting for is to precipitate a human response, which is a sale. Towards that end, you first have to have an inquiry, a lead, someone has to inquire, ask questions… all of that has to happen to lead up to a sale. Using Google as a marketing weapon however, your path to that inquiry is to target Non Humans.

Non Humans Are The Audience:

You can’t generate a human response without “getting eyeballs on your site”.  To focus your efforts on humans too early is putting the cart before the horse.  When you’re hawking products or services on Google your product is a keyword or keyword phrase.  That IS your product

Keywords ARE your product, from Google’s  perspective.

Googlebot is my intended audience/ target, at first anyway. I’m not writing to attract human attention, I’m writing to attract Googlebot’s attention. Once we occupy the “real estate”, “take the hill” so to speak, THEN and only then should you begin to worry about performing for a human audience. To do it any other way can result in Shakespearean prose that is buried deep in Google search results… no one is ever likely to see your well crafted website.

Back to the test…

The keyword phrase we were shooting for was one that we were not ranking well for before the test, it wouldn’t have been empirical any other way.  We wanted to rank for Maryland General Contractors. At the time of the test our client was ranked 271 in Google.

External Blog as Ranking Booster

After one blog post each to one blogspot and one wordpress blog (and the blogs were linking TO our main target, the main website) the ranking in local Google search results went From: 271 To: 171

Where’s it ranked now?

Maryland General Contractors

Maryland General Contractor

Maryland Custom Painting

Maryland  Home Remodeling

Frederick Maryland Home Remodeling Contractor BT Martin Contractors
7130 Rock Creek Dr
Frederick Maryland 21702

301 253-1068

Local Google Advertising Consultant David Bruce Jr

Frederick Web Promotions

Do you want a website that PERFORMS in Google?

240 644-7530


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