What Makes People Buy From You?


Do you know what people are typing into that miraculous little box in the center of a Google page?

Do you know what people are typing in as a query?

That is what drives sales in today’s economy: Queries.

Search Queries. Not print ads, Not newspaper ads, Not yellowpages listings… but Google searches drive sales, and in the very near future: Cell Phone Mobile Searches

That is what determines if your business increases sales or decreases sales.
He who knows what the customers are typing makes all the money

Find out what people are REALLY typing into Google to find what it is your company sells. The difference between what you think people are typing and what they really are typing could cost you a lot of money.

If you think your company is *in Google* because you can type your company name in and Google shows you that you are “there”, you are not looking at what your customers are looking at.

What do you sell? A product or a service? What do your prospective customers search for? Your name or the product/ service they’re looking for?

Frederick Web Promotions can do a search audit to find out what your potential customers are typing in to Google’s search box in order for you to discover what your website SHOULD be shooting for.

Maximize your ROI (return on investment) with Expert Keyword Analysis from Frederick Web Promotions

Call David Bruce Jr @ 240 644-7530 to schedule a consultation today!

Keyword Research Analysis Fee for your small business: $500.00

Frederick Web Promotions
6688 Canada Goose Ct
Frederick Maryland 21703
240 644-7530


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