Web Designers Seeking Ghost SEO Services From Me


I’m pleased to discover my newest prospective clients are established web design firms seeking a ghost writer for SEO services.

All new SEO clients are nervous, they either don’t really understand what they’re paying you for OR they’ve done a lot themselves and just came to the conclusion it is productive to outsource this to a professional… those clients are REALLY skeptical to see what it is they’re paying you for.

For reasons that can only be explained by advertisers not keeping up with what works and what doesn’t… small business owners think a web designer or a “web developer” is going to get their site ranked in the search engines.

They don’t.
They can’t.
It’s not what they do (some do a little, but it’s not their strong suite)
The small business owner thinks that’s what they’re paying for.. and it isn’t.

For this reason, we’ll call it ignorance (and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way, it just “is what it is”, ignorance means you don’t know… or perhaps, you don’t know that you don’t know)…

Web Designers can command higher fees than SEO contractors… and they get it. Not because what they do is more effective than SEO, but because of misconceptions that small business people and corporate business types operate under.

Most of the small business owners that come to me for SEO think they’re buying an ad.

They are not.
They don’t know that… it’s part of the reason I call myself a consultant.

What you’re paying me for is to educate you.

…and I don’t accept all the customers that come my way.
If you are: intransigent, stubborn, stuck in your ways, you think you know what you want and you don’t want any one suggesting otherwise… go elsewhere.

I don’t need you, you need me more than I need you.
Sorry to be so blunt about it…umm, no, I’m not.
it is what it is.

Don’t take my word for this… see for yourself here:
Why Advertising Fails.

My particular solution to this disconnect between what my prospective clients want, what they think they want and their lack of uptodate knowledge of what it is that’s going to do them any good is…

I am now partnering with web design firms and offering my services wholesale to them (with the prospect of them giving me enough volume to make it profitable for both of us)

Web Designers can charge enough, and get their price to cover what it is that I do.

My client base doesn’t: understand, have the patience to learn, get’s confused, their “eyes glaze over”, are reluctant to buy something they didn’t even know existed… and have their heads so full of the daily running of their business to have room enough in their heads to learn that conventional advertising is dead and buried.

So… now that most of my new inquires are from web design firms, rather than me shunning them as potential competitors, I now welcome them as potential partners.

What I do is a separate skill-set, I concede, you can make a prettier website than I can… mine make the clients phone ring, yours does not. Mine rank in Google, yours does not.

I can’t do what you do and you can’t do what I do.

We need each other it seems.

Improve ranking in Google Local Business Listings

Frederick Web Promotions

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