Social Media Link Spam Passing As SEO


I know most of you are not aware that there is anything wrong with Link Spam. This post is non judgmental.

The reason you aren’t aware of Link Spam is because, like me, you were only interested in Getting Your Message Out… you used social media the way most newspapers are using it: as a one way medium.

You post, well that’s what you tell yourself you’re doing… what you are doing is ad blasting. You’re so proud of yourself… it’s working

(well it appears to be working)

Social Media is NOT a replacement for  SEO (search engine optimization)

You signed up for dozens, if not hundreds of social networks, it was no easy feat (it certainly was time consuming) you EARNED it. You’re a “glass is half full kinda person, you reframed that time spent as time well invested (it was).

So now, with a little 140 character to 350 character blurb (complete with a target url) you can press one button and an entire chain reaction of social networks is blasting YOUR message all over God’s Creation.

It is… gotta couple of quick questions for you:

Is anyone actually reading your stuff?

Do you unfollow someone who pounds you over the head incessantly with an offer you know you aren’t interested in?

Do you stay subscribed to dozens, perhaps hundreds of “friends” and “followers” only to ignore almost all of them?

When’s the last time you actually replied to an incoming direct message? Or a blog comment? Or an email for that matter (OK, you did see that one)

Are you answering your twitter? (Did you even know you *could* answer it?)

Our local Frederick Maryland newspaper The Frederick News Post sends out twitter tweets… one way
Ditto for the Washington Post

They both have Direct Message turned off, Why?

Is YOUR direct message turned off?

I’m fully aware you didn’t set out to do this… no one “tries to be an a**hole”

Here’s how it happened:

You signed up for a social network… it was cool, your friends there said “hey come sign up for this one, and that one”, before you knew it you were signed up for a bunch of em.  Then it occurs to you that you can monetize this, you always wanted to start a business, with social media the entrance level is MUCH easier to meet.

Social Media Levels The Playing Field

If you get good at this, you ARE an advertising agency/ marketing wizard wrapped up in one package.

Then… you learn about a social media Aggregator!
and Man is that some kinda cool!!! You post to and it posts to over a dozen other networks. Then you discover there’s a bunch of those cross posting/ aggregators.

Well here’s what happened: it takes up so much of your time broadcasting you stopped reading, you were like a CB microphone with your thumb duct taped to the “send” button – Your “Mike is Keyed” all the time. You’re all into sending… to hell with receiving.
(it takes one to know one… this is my penance for past transgressions)

I discovered, on FriendFeed, a fantastic graphic illustrating what I’d been doing and doing well… I just didn’t know there was a name for it.

Social Media Syndication Network Flowchart

Graphic Courtesy Daniel W Crompton of FriendFeed Fun

Now I’ve got to admit I missed a very, very, important part of this graphic’s title: Social Media Syndication Network Flowchart
I was doing this… all of it, very successfully I might add, more successfully than most social media types because I “optimized” my posts (I’m an SEO expert, the “O” is for “optimize”)

sidebar: a social media guy posts and an SEO guy posts to the same places… mine out ranks yours, all the time. Why? cause I know what I’m doing. You make a blog post and I’ll make a blog post, you put a pic on flickr and we’ll see who’s flickr gets more page views

What I’d missed is the FLOWCHART part

It just hit me like a ton of bricks, I hooked up everything to each other that I was spamming the hell out of my personal Facebook Profile. Everything I posted showed up in triplicate!

Hell, I wouldn’t follow me!

Since this dawned on me (no wonder my sales were flat, I could call people but lost many when they saw the spam fest going on with my Facebook page), I’ve been steadily removing “applications”, unhooking twitter here and there… I still kept “posting in stereo”

What I’d missed is this: hook up all your social media, that’s fine

Don’t Hook Them Together

Set up a Flow Chart (Thank You Daniel W Crompton)

Participation is what makes a blog, a blog.

Participation is the sole reason Google favors blogs over static websites.

In case you are one of the people who don’t “get it” a blog will beat the living hell out of a static website in Google ranking everyday (assuming both are new sites). A static website has ZERO chance of outranking a blog.

What makes social media effective is the two way participation, that IS the reason Google favors them.  No participation and you’ve turned a blog into a static website.

So I’m doing my penance. I’m unhooking my twitter from most of the networks illustrated in the graphic because my facebook profile scares me (you can imaging what my FB friends must think)

When I first started using Social Media I kept finding web 2.0 properties that allowed, even encouraged posting to my personal Facebook Profile, my wall.  I learned that according to Facebook’s terms of service our personal profiles are not to be used for commercial purposes, that’s what a Company Facebook Page is for.

But I signed up for everything under the sun! When I post to one, I post to a half dozen or more.

End result?

My personal Facebook profile gets all my tweets in stereo or triplicate. Effectively making many friends ignore my posts (unless of course they have a vested interest in the services I offer: Local Search Ranking for brick n mortar small businesses)

So here is my effort to sin no more.

I want people to tweet me as if it were my telephone.
Tweet Me, I’ll respond

I want people to post to my Facebook Fan Page Wall.


One Response to “Social Media Link Spam Passing As SEO”

  1. webhat Says:

    One of the most important part of the network is me, you see me on the left. I am consumer and producer in my network, so you can see that things flow into me as well as flowing out.

    Being a consumer of my own output is fantastic, I can forgive a newbie for reposting multiple times using this flowchart, but I produce too much to have all my posts replicated more than once. (My blog posts being the exception.)

    I am like a gourmet chef who eats in his own food, an architect who lives in a house he designed, or a Toyota employee who drives a Toyota. I am you the consumer, which means that if I feed you crap I have to eat it.

    Oh, and for further reference it’s Crompton, not Crampton. 🙂

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