Why A Lower PR Site Can Outperform a Higher PR Site


Google has a problem

“anything that can be abused… will be”

That being said, this logic prevails:

This was my response to a forum thread on Reddit, specifically a “sub reddit”, the SEO Reddit.


Google needed to illustrate to webmasters that “if you produce X quality content” you’ll be ranked at “par”, if you produce “better quality content” you’ll be ranked at “X above par”

To “train ” webmasters to produce better quality, they introduced the little green bar that shows up in the Google toolbar.

Ok fine, that worked… for a while.

THEN, some webmasters (who were ALSO astute marketers) began SELLING links from their high(er) page rank websites.

This altered the quality of the search results that Google was serving up, altered them for the worse, once this behavior began to threaten Google’s userbase (the general public began to be disillusioned with Google’s utility to them).

Google began to incorporate TWO sets of PUBLICLY STATED page rank.

End result?

The page rank being “displayed” in the tool bar is fiction. The REAL page rank Google is NOT SHOWING US.

So a page that has a PR0 or a PR1 might in reality be much higher, but Google has no vested interest in allowing that important bit of information to become public.

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