Why Your Website Should Be A Blog


Almost every small business has a website, you’ve got options on what format your website can come in. A business website’s SOLE PURPOSE IN LIFE is to perform in Google searches, that’s it’s only function. It does you no good to have a pretty website if it’s buried deep in the back of Google.

Your potential customers are not looking for YOUR business, they don’t know, nor do they care who you are. People shop for almost everything in Google, that’s your storefront. People type in what they want, then refine that search with the geographical area they’re willing to go to get it.

You should select, in advance of ordering a website what keywords are likely to generate the most phone calls, inquires or leads and create your website’s central theme around those keywords.

Emphasis on keyWORDS… it’s the words or text on your site that’s going to determine where and how high up in rank your website’s going to show up in a Google search.

A blog will beat the crap out of a static conventional HTML website when it comes to ranking in Google.

Here’s several things a blog can do that a website cannot:

  1. Any one can update a blog, if you can write an email you can update your business blog, you don’t need to pay a webmaster for each update to your company blog.
  2. Blogs are by very definition news delivery systems, blogs broadcast in ways a static website can not. Each blog post is broadcast via RSS Feed and there are hundreds of RSS feed directories and aggregation services that are in essence news collating and distribution portals.
  3. RSS feed pinging, there are blog Pinging services that announce or broadcast to dozens if not hundreds of the RSS feed portals described above.
  4. Your business website should be changed frequently weather it needs it or not: Google favors fresh content, you want to rank high in Google? Change up your website often, a blog is specifically designed to “broadcast fresh content”, Google knows this and is why Blogs beat static websites in a ranking horse race

RSS Feeds And Why They Make You Money

OK, so we established a blog “has” an RSS feed, having one is better than not having one but you don’t have to just let it “sit there”, you can PROMOTE an RSS feed.

So what happens when you put your companies message “out there” in an RSS feed? What is an RSS feed anyway and why would anyone want to look at one?

There are thousands of website’s and blogs on every topic under the sun, many are hand written, more than a few are news aggregation sites that pull content from RSS feeds based on keywords.

With RSS feeds you have the opportunity to have your content republished on dozens if not hundreds of other sites, all with YOUR message and more importantly YOUR link on their domain.

The more websites that carry your company website url on them the better your company website’s chances of ranking higher and higher in Google.

The number of OTHER websites, other domains that have YOUR link are known as Backlinks

Yes We Are For Hire

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