The First Step For Your Company Website Local SEO Process


I actually sent this to a new local Google advertising client of mine ( I subcontract to web designers) a moment ago and thought it prudent to repost here:

Here’s what needs to happen before we can start on your Local SEO:

We (the client and me/us) need to research what keyword phrase to target.

I can take suggestions from them (what do they *think* they want to rank for) THEN plug those into several keyword tools to garner our best guess (I know that’s not what you or the client wants to hear but big G does NOT reveal exact #’s on exact querys)

Then we pick from that research. I *could* just “Pick A Target” based on my experience

We need to make the client happy…

Here’s a potential problem: the client typically wants to rank for what THEY think people are searching for… often the client has no clue (not unlike a person who wants to sell their home but is asking for an unrealistic selling price)

OR… the client wants to rank for everything under the sun… not good

The way Google “passes out” Google trust is like this:

A) you gotta rank for SOMETHING before you can rank for anything
B) sell one thing… but sell it well
C) AFTER and only after you rank for the first “target” (which is what I call keywords, they’re targets to me), THEN we tackle what I call an “adjacent keyword phrase” and I’ll explain why:

It takes Googlebot roughly 6 weeks to index the entire planet/ every country, every language… that’s a baseline
It takes 6 MORE weeks to compare the baseline to the increase in inbound links/ social media mentions – likes- subscriptions – buzz created etc

This time frame is like a computer hard drive’s File Allocation Table: without a baseline to compare intervals from a starting point, there is no way to determine a position, If I handed you a map and said take 40 steps to your right… You’d have to first know where YOU are to figure out where 40 steps to your left is.

In plain English: one keyword phrase per 12 week cycle

perhaps not what the client wants to hear

… don’t shoot the messenger, it’s Google’s DoJo, I’m just telling you how the algorithm works.

Yes we are for hire and have a good, better, best plan for you to choose from

8hrs of 1 on 1 face time to teach you how to out perform your competitors on social media $700 in Frederick Maryland and Montgomery County Maryland. We can do joint web conference if you are not located in Frederick County or Montgomery County Md – remote log in where we can both move the mouse, we can hear each other on the phone, you can ask questions about what you see me do etc.

Client List Testimonials available upon request. Consulting includes creating profiles and optimizing them specifically to improve your company website’s ranking in Google.

NOTE: we do not accept everybody that requests our services, the first hour is free to determine if we want to accept you and if we can do anything for you. We do not accept a client if we don’t think we can do something for you.

Business Blog Creation: WordPress blog hosted on your domain and SEO optimized- $500 we hand the keys to you

Blogger Supporting Blog Creation: Feedburner set up, SEO optimized – $200 we hand the keys to you

Google Places ranking starting from $2400 annually to $12000 annually.

A website is a sales copy delivery system

… Ranking is the first step, We provide effective sales copy for Search Engine Marketing AFTER we get you the number one spot in Google for the keywords your customers are searching for.

After all… what you’re after is leads, you need the phone to ring! Frederick Web Promotions makes your phone ring.

Marketing Plans start from $3600 per year to $24,000 per year

Local Google Advertising from Frederick Web Promotions

240 440-1414

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