Now Facebook will let you set up a blog for a company… and I now offer to set them up AND manage them as if they were company blogs. These companies rarely want to bother with updating the conventional website that they had before they contracted me to do SEO, so they’re really disinterested in coming up with frequent updates for a blog… which is what they pay me for. I do all the posting, write the articles,write the sales copy and generally learn about their business in the process.

Well Now I’m adding Company FACEBOOK management to my repertoire… Facebook profiles really rank high and they are a fantastic, under-used method of getting a local businesses brand in front of a local targeted prospect base.

This is where I list all the dozens of social bookmarking and other web2.0 links that people can connect with me


I’m a professional blogger who’s in constant need of article summaries cause I cant possibly write enough of my own materials for the 80 blogs I run.

Roughly half of those blogs are not for me, they’re for my clients. I run blogs for small businesses.

I also do local Search Engine Optimization, the blogging I do is for web2.0 ‘support’ to my clients small business websites.

Some of my clients can build a static site but none of them want to blog so I’m a blogger for hire.

Google this:
local Google advertising

and this
local Google guru

and call me if you want your website to outrank your competitors

PS) SEO gunslinger for hire, piecework.
One round of SB sites – $30
you *could* do it yourself but then you’d have to sign up for all those profiles.

And SB works better when someone OTHER than you bookmarks (and does it from an IP address that isn’t YOURS)


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