Over 300,000 businesses have a presence on Facebook, approximately one third of those are small businesses in search of a local social media and local Google presence .

“Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter”. Marketing studies report 14% People Trust Ads, 76% People Trust Consumer

Word of Mouth is being replaced by Word of Facebook

Facebook is growing, now with 600,000,000  FB users,  your customers are all on Facebook… your company should be too.

FB is the ONLY  possible contender to beat Giant Google

Facebook is the only website to ever top Google in total number of minute spent online.

To get Free Self Help for your Company Facebook page, join our Free Facebook group:

Facebook for Business Cooperative group

An SEO “optimizes” not only a companies website, but also “optimizes” the social networking profiles for a company. What does that mean?
You have your company on Facebook? fine, did you know you can improve your ranking WITHIN Facebook?
You have your company on LinkedIn? fine, did you know you can improve your ranking WITHIN LInkedIn?

Any SEO worth his or her salt will “optimize” your companies profiles so said company profile will rank in Google right alongside the companies main website listing in Google

Yes we are for hire and have a good, better, best plan for you to choose from

8hrs of 1 on 1 face time to teach you how to out perform your competitors on social media $700 in Frederick Maryland and Montgomery County Maryland. We can do joint web conference if you are not located in Frederick County or Montgomery County Md – remote log in where we can both move the mouse, we can hear each other on the phone, you can ask questions about what you see me do etc.

Client List Testimonials available upon request. Consulting includes creating profiles and optimizing them specifically to improve your company website’s ranking in Google.

NOTE: we do not accept everybody that requests our services, the first hour is free to determine if we want to accept you and if we can do anything for you. We do not accept a client if we don’t think we can do something for you.

Business Blog Creation: WordPress blog hosted on your domain and SEO optimized- $500 we hand the keys to you

Blogger Supporting Blog Creation: Feedburner set up, SEO optimized – $200 we hand the keys to you

Google Places ranking starting from $2400 annually to $12000 annually.

Full portfolio displaying current rankings of existing clients, a proven track record, don’t take our word for any of this… call each one of our customers and ask them. Phone numbers and contact emails available on request.

Managed Company Facebook Pages $500 Month and up

Ghost write content for the supporting blogs we create, get each of them to rank in Google and create content for your company Facebook page and get the company Facebook Page we create and manage for your company to rank in Google:

$1000 upfront: between $500 month and $1000 month for retainer fee and content creation/management. Fee’s vary depending on the competitiveness of your target market. We can hit any target, some targets are harder to hit than others.

Typical Fee is $15000 annually ideally for criminal lawyers, divorce attorneys that want to dominate the local search pages for the geographical area they practice law in.

National SEO Rankings: fees vary depending on competitiveness of the selected keyword phrase. Fees range from $1,000 per month to $10,000 per month (depending on the strength of the competition)
Local Google Advertising Strategist David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

240 397-9804

Free 1 Hour of SEO Consulting For Facebook Fans of Frederick Web Promotions


Google has a problem

“anything that can be abused… will be”

That being said, this logic prevails:

This was my response to a forum thread on Reddit, specifically a “sub reddit”, the SEO Reddit.


Google needed to illustrate to webmasters that “if you produce X quality content” you’ll be ranked at “par”, if you produce “better quality content” you’ll be ranked at “X above par”

To “train ” webmasters to produce better quality, they introduced the little green bar that shows up in the Google toolbar.

Ok fine, that worked… for a while.

THEN, some webmasters (who were ALSO astute marketers) began SELLING links from their high(er) page rank websites.

This altered the quality of the search results that Google was serving up, altered them for the worse, once this behavior began to threaten Google’s userbase (the general public began to be disillusioned with Google’s utility to them).

Google began to incorporate TWO sets of PUBLICLY STATED page rank.

End result?

The page rank being “displayed” in the tool bar is fiction. The REAL page rank Google is NOT SHOWING US.

So a page that has a PR0 or a PR1 might in reality be much higher, but Google has no vested interest in allowing that important bit of information to become public.

Local SEO Frederick Md

Yes we are for hire and have a good, better, best plan for you to choose from:

Fees For Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Optimization:

Social Media Optimization: 8 hours of one on one consultation, create social media profiles with SEO ranking specifically in mind. First Hour is exploratory, we may or may not choose to represent you, we will discover if we can realistically do something for your product or service in this first hour. Fee $100.00 per hour or $700 come into our shop at 1446 W Patrick St, Frederick Md or we can do remote log in where we can both move the mouse and I can answer questions over the phone live

Google Places or Google Local Business Listing ranking

Our SEO battle testing is showing us that Google Places (aka Google local business listings) often are the ONLY search results that display on a smartphone! Not only that – some of our local SEO clients report earning more ROI per advertising $ invested from a Google Places ranking rather than an Organic Google ranking.

We provide guaranteed ranking in Google places for our small business clients Many small businesses come to us with excellent ranking in the organic listings (sometimes called the natural search results or the main body of search results) but they are NOT ranking in the 3 pack of Google Maps.

Increasingly people will start using their smart phone instead of a laptop, you need your company to rank in the top 3 or you will be virtually invisible. Fee for top 3 ranking in Google Places and one listing in the top ten Google organic listings $2000 annually

We’re not talking about you showing up when your company name is Googled

Try this: IT Services Frederick Md (That’s our computer shop in Frederick Md)

Or this (our SEO client is divorce attorney Kelly Koch) Google Divorce Attorneys Corpus Christi

Or this (our client is Commercial Buildings Maintenance Inc) Google Commercial Cleaning Frederick Md (notice their company Facebook page is listed right below their top 2 listings?)

Keyword selection consultation: one on one consultation to select effective keywords $100.00 per hour Typically our clients have a long list of keywords they’d like to be found under, we counsel you should pick no more than 3 keyword phrases, sell one thing and sell it well.

You only have X amount of Google authority available to you at one time, attempting to spread a finite quantity of Google Juice over many keywords is counter productive in our experience. Every 6 weeks add 3 more keyword phrases to target, do NOT attempt all of them at once.

Managed Company Facebook Pages

Ghost write content for the supporting blogs we create, get each of them to rank in Google and create content for your company Facebook page and get the company Facebook Page we create and manage for your company to rank in Google:

$1000 upfront: between $500 month and $1000 month for retainer fee and content creation/management. Fee’s vary depending on the competitiveness of your target market. We can hit any target, some targets are harder to hit than others.

Typical Fee is $15000 annually ideally for criminal lawyers, divorce attorneys that want to dominate the local search pages for the geographical area they practice law in.

National SEO Rankings: fees vary depending on competitiveness of the selected keyword phrase. Fees range from $14,000 annually $2000 up front, $1000 month to as much as $25,000

Local Google Advertising Strategist David Bruce Jr of Frederick Web Promotions

240 644-7530

Free 1 Hour of SEO Consulting For Facebook Fans of IT Services Frederick Maryland

I know most of you are not aware that there is anything wrong with Link Spam. This post is non judgmental.

The reason you aren’t aware of Link Spam is because, like me, you were only interested in Getting Your Message Out… you used social media the way most newspapers are using it: as a one way medium.

You post, well that’s what you tell yourself you’re doing… what you are doing is ad blasting. You’re so proud of yourself… it’s working

(well it appears to be working)

Social Media is NOT a replacement for  SEO (search engine optimization)

You signed up for dozens, if not hundreds of social networks, it was no easy feat (it certainly was time consuming) you EARNED it. You’re a “glass is half full kinda person, you reframed that time spent as time well invested (it was).

So now, with a little 140 character to 350 character blurb (complete with a target url) you can press one button and an entire chain reaction of social networks is blasting YOUR message all over God’s Creation.

It is… gotta couple of quick questions for you:

Is anyone actually reading your stuff?

Do you unfollow someone who pounds you over the head incessantly with an offer you know you aren’t interested in?

Do you stay subscribed to dozens, perhaps hundreds of “friends” and “followers” only to ignore almost all of them?

When’s the last time you actually replied to an incoming direct message? Or a blog comment? Or an email for that matter (OK, you did see that one)

Are you answering your twitter? (Did you even know you *could* answer it?)

Our local Frederick Maryland newspaper The Frederick News Post sends out twitter tweets… one way
Ditto for the Washington Post

They both have Direct Message turned off, Why?

Is YOUR direct message turned off?

I’m fully aware you didn’t set out to do this… no one “tries to be an a**hole”

Here’s how it happened:

You signed up for a social network… it was cool, your friends there said “hey come sign up for this one, and that one”, before you knew it you were signed up for a bunch of em.  Then it occurs to you that you can monetize this, you always wanted to start a business, with social media the entrance level is MUCH easier to meet.

Social Media Levels The Playing Field

If you get good at this, you ARE an advertising agency/ marketing wizard wrapped up in one package.

Then… you learn about a social media Aggregator!
and Man is that some kinda cool!!! You post to ping.fm and it posts to over a dozen other networks. Then you discover there’s a bunch of those cross posting/ aggregators.

Well here’s what happened: it takes up so much of your time broadcasting you stopped reading, you were like a CB microphone with your thumb duct taped to the “send” button – Your “Mike is Keyed” all the time. You’re all into sending… to hell with receiving.
(it takes one to know one… this is my penance for past transgressions)

I discovered, on FriendFeed, a fantastic graphic illustrating what I’d been doing and doing well… I just didn’t know there was a name for it.

Social Media Syndication Network Flowchart

Graphic Courtesy Daniel W Crompton of FriendFeed Fun

Now I’ve got to admit I missed a very, very, important part of this graphic’s title: Social Media Syndication Network Flowchart
I was doing this… all of it, very successfully I might add, more successfully than most social media types because I “optimized” my posts (I’m an SEO expert, the “O” is for “optimize”)

sidebar: a social media guy posts and an SEO guy posts to the same places… mine out ranks yours, all the time. Why? cause I know what I’m doing. You make a blog post and I’ll make a blog post, you put a pic on flickr and we’ll see who’s flickr gets more page views

What I’d missed is the FLOWCHART part

It just hit me like a ton of bricks, I hooked up everything to each other that I was spamming the hell out of my personal Facebook Profile. Everything I posted showed up in triplicate!


Hell, I wouldn’t follow me!

Since this dawned on me (no wonder my sales were flat, I could call people but lost many when they saw the spam fest going on with my Facebook page), I’ve been steadily removing “applications”, unhooking twitter here and there… I still kept “posting in stereo”

What I’d missed is this: hook up all your social media, that’s fine

Don’t Hook Them Together

Set up a Flow Chart (Thank You Daniel W Crompton)

Participation is what makes a blog, a blog.

Participation is the sole reason Google favors blogs over static websites.

In case you are one of the people who don’t “get it” a blog will beat the living hell out of a static website in Google ranking everyday (assuming both are new sites). A static website has ZERO chance of outranking a blog.

What makes social media effective is the two way participation, that IS the reason Google favors them.  No participation and you’ve turned a blog into a static website.

So I’m doing my penance. I’m unhooking my twitter from most of the networks illustrated in the graphic because my facebook profile scares me (you can imaging what my FB friends must think)

When I first started using Social Media I kept finding web 2.0 properties that allowed, even encouraged posting to my personal Facebook Profile, my wall.  I learned that according to Facebook’s terms of service our personal profiles are not to be used for commercial purposes, that’s what a Company Facebook Page is for.

But I signed up for everything under the sun! When I post to one, I post to a half dozen or more.

End result?

My personal Facebook profile gets all my tweets in stereo or triplicate. Effectively making many friends ignore my posts (unless of course they have a vested interest in the services I offer: Local Search Ranking for brick n mortar small businesses)

So here is my effort to sin no more.

I want people to tweet me as if it were my telephone.
Tweet Me, I’ll respond

I want people to post to my Facebook Fan Page Wall.

I’m pleased to discover my newest prospective clients are established web design firms seeking a ghost writer for SEO services.

All new SEO clients are nervous, they either don’t really understand what they’re paying you for OR they’ve done a lot themselves and just came to the conclusion it is productive to outsource this to a professional… those clients are REALLY skeptical to see what it is they’re paying you for.

For reasons that can only be explained by advertisers not keeping up with what works and what doesn’t… small business owners think a web designer or a “web developer” is going to get their site ranked in the search engines.

They don’t.
They can’t.
It’s not what they do (some do a little, but it’s not their strong suite)
The small business owner thinks that’s what they’re paying for.. and it isn’t.

For this reason, we’ll call it ignorance (and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way, it just “is what it is”, ignorance means you don’t know… or perhaps, you don’t know that you don’t know)…

Web Designers can command higher fees than SEO contractors… and they get it. Not because what they do is more effective than SEO, but because of misconceptions that small business people and corporate business types operate under.

Most of the small business owners that come to me for SEO think they’re buying an ad.

They are not.
They don’t know that… it’s part of the reason I call myself a consultant.

What you’re paying me for is to educate you.

…and I don’t accept all the customers that come my way.
If you are: intransigent, stubborn, stuck in your ways, you think you know what you want and you don’t want any one suggesting otherwise… go elsewhere.

I don’t need you, you need me more than I need you.
Sorry to be so blunt about it…umm, no, I’m not.
it is what it is.

Don’t take my word for this… see for yourself here:
Why Advertising Fails.

My particular solution to this disconnect between what my prospective clients want, what they think they want and their lack of uptodate knowledge of what it is that’s going to do them any good is…

I am now partnering with web design firms and offering my services wholesale to them (with the prospect of them giving me enough volume to make it profitable for both of us)

Web Designers can charge enough, and get their price to cover what it is that I do.

My client base doesn’t: understand, have the patience to learn, get’s confused, their “eyes glaze over”, are reluctant to buy something they didn’t even know existed… and have their heads so full of the daily running of their business to have room enough in their heads to learn that conventional advertising is dead and buried.

So… now that most of my new inquires are from web design firms, rather than me shunning them as potential competitors, I now welcome them as potential partners.

What I do is a separate skill-set, I concede, you can make a prettier website than I can… mine make the clients phone ring, yours does not. Mine rank in Google, yours does not.

I can’t do what you do and you can’t do what I do.

We need each other it seems.

Improve ranking in Google Local Business Listings

Frederick Web Promotions

240 644-7530


External Blogs as Supporting Blogs for SEO

Frederick Web Promotions is in the business of raising the ranking of our clients company websites in Google.

Companies pay us to get their website to show up in the top 10 search results of Google (and other search engines). We have a team of professional bloggers, experts in social media, web design professionals, off site promotion staff and so on.

The ranking strategy currently used at Frederick Web Promotions is constantly evolving with each update of Google’s complex ranking algorithm. I say “currently” because every 6 months or so Google changes what it favors and does not favor.

What’s Hot Right Now Could Be Paseé in 6 Months

Our current ranking strategy can be summed up in a sentence:

Ranking High in Google is 20% on site optimization and 80% OFF site promotion

Towards this company philosophy we’ve enjoyed quite a bit of success getting our paying SEO clients to rank in Google where they want to be ranked. Untill now I’ve been doing this solo, now I’ve hired a crack team and trained them. In essence I’ve cloned myself:)

I employed a variety of tactics that provided excellent results for the small business clients we handle the online promotion for but I’ve not done “split testing” until now.

Effective immediately we now empirically test each method and will be reporting back  on the main company blog (Frederick Web Promotions) what works well, what works OK, what doesn’t work, how well it works and so on. Actually I’ve begun a “Do it Yourself SEO” section. More on that later.

As stated above, we are of the opinion that the first thing needed to improve the ranking of a company website is to “optimize” or alter the existing website to “make Google like it better”. Often companies come to me with a pretty website that they paid a web designer to build and said pretty website does not “perform” in Google search results.

The most common error I see web designers make is:

You’re writing to the wrong audience, you’ve got to RANK first! Write for Googlebot before you write for humans

 Towards the Off site promotion we tested adding a single blogspot blog and a single wordpress.com blog with one post each to see how much the addition of these extra websites improved the ranking of one of our clients. That’s right I just described OFF SITE promotion as the addtion of what for lack of a better term I’ll call “extra websites“.

We have a client that is a Maryland general contractor serving Montgomery County Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Howard County Maryland and Frederick Maryland (where we are). Suffice it to say they cover Mid Maryland and Washington DC metro area. We got them in the top ten of local Google search results for the keyword phrase: “maryland home remodeling” (lower case on purpose because Google’s algo converts upper case to lower case)

So we wanted to improve their ranking for Maryland General Contractors, because our clients not only can do a single kitchen remodeling job but can also do large jobs as well (and they have the resume/ portfolio / testimonials to back that claim up).

Without altering a single thing on the main website, we added 2 blogs hosted on the 2 most popular free blog platforms and added one post each… checked their ranking before and after.

Results of our empirical test of local Google advertising?

Before the test ranking:

#271 in Google

Which is to say they were found on the 27th page in Google when you type in the keyword phrase: Maryland General Contractors, you had to click “next” 27 times, for all practical purposes they were buried deep in the bowels of Google search results

After the test ranking results:

#171 in Google

OK, OK so I’ll grant you that’s no where near the first page of search results but as a test I think it demonstrates pretty dramatically the effectiveness of adding extra websites, external blogs, supporting blogs to improve an existing company website’s ranking.

After one post to the blogspot blog, it is currently ranked #141 in Google,

Frederick Web Promotions

Local Google Advertising Consultant
6688 Canada Goose Ct
Frederick, Maryland

240 315-1515

Internet Advertising = Search Engine Marketing

or search engine wizardry… to accomplish this in the great state of Maryland (and the entire world for that matter) requires Maryland Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s break that last sentence down:

Maryland (self explanatory, I sell advertising in Maryland)

Search Engine (for 90% of us that means Google, although Microsoft’s Bing is gaining ground)

Optimization= optimize your company website to be Google Friendly

Taken together it means Maryland SEO, but the optimization part has taken a back seat to link popularity/ link building/ building back links… in the artsy fartsy world of web design the derogatory term for what us SEO guys do is deemed :Link Spam

So what does Link Spam mean and is it bad for your site?

Links are currency, plain and simple, the more sites that link to your company site the better your ranking is going to be… but (and this is a HUGE but)

Inbound Links are NOT Created Equal: The quality of, the authority of the site that carries YOUR company website URL is not created equal. And what it takes to ferret out which “Quality”, “Authority” sites to select for placement of YOUR company website is more art than science.

Knowing Where to Tap

There is a story popular in the marketing world where a newspaper was hours away from the deadline for the next edition. The printing machine broke. Frantically the head mechanic called in a consultant to get the printing machine fixed. Consultant walks in, taps on a pipe, the machine roars back to life.
Consultant hands the head mechanic a bill for $1005.00
Mechanic asks what’s the $5 for?
Consultant explains: “$5 to tap the machine, $1000 for knowing WHERE to Tap!

SEO as a Marketing Art Form

Below are articles from popular SEO blogs I follow on the topic of how much it should cost to hire a web designer and/or SEO consultant

It’s like going to the doctor. If you tell the doctor you need a wart removed, he could tell you what the cost will be. If you tell the doctor you have a stomach pain, he can’t tell you the cost of treatment in advance of the appointment. He needs to examine you and run tests to make an accurate diagnosis which could range from indigestion (cheap) to a heart condition (expensive).

You can view me as website doctor. I can diagnose your website problem(s) in great detail but I don’t know how long the diagnosis will take me (and I charge by the hour) nor do I know how long it will take to fix the problem (and I charge by the hour).

Also, it’s hard to know in advance the type of client you might be. A certain level of client communication is part of every consulting engagement and this time isn’t billable. However, I don’t know if you’re the sort who will demand more phone time than is necessary for the job nor whether you are the sort who will try to increase the scope of the project without increasing the cost. That’s why “prix fixe” SEO scares me…every time I’ve done this, the time spent on the job doesn’t pencil back to my hourly rate.


It should be a goal of every freelancer to maximize his/her profits without sacrificing the number of clients they service, and yes, the balance between price and amount of work is a very hard one to make, but it is paramount to understand as a freelancer that what you do is an art: so price is ultimately dependent on your skill in your field of expertise.


Your Skill is an Art

The main reason why freelancers need to remind themselves that what they do is an art, is because it comes with one major advantage. It’s as simple as this, the better you are, the more you can charge. This means, that you can in theory become an excellent designer/coder/writer in a short space of time with a bit of dedication, and then end up charging your clients much more as a result.

Too many times I’ve seen designing (especially) being treated as a sort of mechanical process. Take for example in the template industry. There are a lot of people out there offering unique, custom designs for sale, but treat it as though the more designs they make in the shortest amount of time, the more money they’ll make. This is a total lopsided way of thinking when it comes to an art. Time should be taken when making a design (in this example), and you should be concentration on the quality of your work over the amount of work you produce; that way you can charge more for the template at hand and not have to work as much. The key idea here is don’t undersell yourself, the market has had enough of it already.

Take pride in your work

The work you do for a client ultimately represents you. Your personality, talent, interests, are all definable by your work; and you should, therefore, be taking great effort and pride in the work you produce. Focus on quality, not quantity, and you’ll see a nature growth in the number of clients requesting work.

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(the following is a guest post from Todd Mintz

Recently, I was chatting on the phone with a potential SEO client about some gig work. The conversation was going along fine until (in a roundabout way) he asked me for my “sales pitch” aka why he should use me as opposed to someone else. I don’t think my answer was particularly compelling…not because I didn’t have a good answer for him but because I had several answers that got jumbled together in a form of verbal mush. Since blogging gives me an opportunity for a “do-over” (a technique I’ve used before), I would like to recast my answer in a more powerful manner…

Hamlet does SEO

Dear client…let me count the ways..

…You asked me whether I might be a better SEO consultant than the other folks you’re considering. Since I don’t know who those folks are, I’m not able to give you much of an answer to that question. I do know that I’ve been doing SEO since the Year 2000 and I have no doubt that with an in-depth look at your analytics, I will be able to figure out your website “pain points” that you see as critical to the future health of your business.

You asked me about cost.

I told you my hourly rate which is (I believe) comparable to what others with my background and experience charge for their services.

One of my selling points is that I’m perfectly willing to sell you as little or as much of my time as you feel you need and I have no desire to lock you into any sort of long term contract. As busy as I am with multiple engagements, I’d gladly give you some flexibility in your working relationship with me…because I’d like the same flexibility in working with you. I think I can provide excellent results for you quickly and if you feel you got good value from me at an aggressive hourly rate, you’ll more likely to give me the referrals that I would desire.

Read More…

Todd Mintz is the Director of Internet Marketing & Information Systems for S.R. Clarke Inc., a Real Estate Development and Residential / Commercial Construction Executive Search / Recruiting Firm headquartered in Fairfax, VA with offices nationwide. He is also a Director & Founding Member of SEMpdx: Portland, Oregon’s Search Engine Marketing Association.


The Devaluing of Web Design

June 22nd was a great day.

After weeks of small projects and a little bit of pro bono work, I ended Monday with four solid estimates out the door. I’ve never had that many legitimate potential client calls in one day. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Oh wait, did I say legitimate? I meant typical.

Actually, that’s not fair. They weren’t all bad. Two of the estimates got the green light, one never materialized, and one stayed in that initial Q & A phase. That’s the one I want to focus on. This person had the typical “I want it all but I don’t want to spend anything” attitude, and I think this scenario warrants some in-depth analysis.

The original needs for his website were very straight forward. A “brochure” site and logo design. He asked about a content management system, but after our conversation he decided to go with a static site. I drafted up the estimate and emailed it to him.

After three days and a couple back and forth emails, I got the final word from him. He wanted logo, business card and letterhead design (we do logo design, but I don’t advertise print work), a content management system, blog, the web design, and SEO (which I included in the initial estimate). I responded via email and included a revised estimate along with a brief explanation of why there was such a price increase.

I quickly got two emails back, one saying that the new price was far beyond what he thought was needed for this project, and the next email asking why he couldn’t just use WordPress and have total control, again adding that the new estimate seemed excessive. I’m not going to disclose the actual price, but I will say it was under $10,000.

Immediately the red flag started flying, so I responded with a few words about pricing and “Sorry we couldn’t help you.”

I’m not the greatest salesman in the world, but I know I could have worked with him on a price that he would have been happier with. But really, why bother? Every web designer has dealt with this type of client, and I’m one who avoids them at all costs.

But I can’t really blame him. His reaction is so typical that it’s become expected. The problem is the web design industry, on many levels, has been devalued to the point where smaller web agencies whose client base is comprised of small business owners simply can’t justify their prices, even though the prices are completely realistic.

Contact Frederick Web Promotions

Local Google Advertising, Google That Phrase, look where Google is, now look where I am

Call David Bruce at 301 363-8206

$1500 annual to get your company website ranked #1 in Google Local Search Results for the Maryland County of your choice.

It is said that it takes Googlebot roughly 6 weeks to circumnavigate the entire planets websites
…that’s one rotation.

Only Google knows for sure and they aren’t telling.
Then it collates what it sees

Well you can’t very well extrapolate from one set of data, you have to have something to compare that to in order to draw conclusions; so one more rotation of the earth and now you’ve got a base line to spot trends.

Your competitor already has top position and therefore has what Google terms:  trustfilter
You however have to prove you should be there and not him/her

So one rotation and Gbot see’s your impressive collection of links.. now you’ve not yet proven your self…
And one more rotation and this go around Gbot see’s even more inbounds pointing to you. and you’ve got a trend going

IF and this is a big if… if your opponent is complacent and did NOT increase his inbounds, and the ‘trend’ is in your favor… now you have a shot at his cached position.

Maryland Search Engine Optimization Expert David Bruce of Frederick Web Promotions