Over 300,000 businesses have a presence on Facebook, approximately one third of those are small businesses in search of a local social media and local Google presence .

“Dell sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on Twitter”. Marketing studies report 14% People Trust Ads, 76% People Trust Consumer

Word of Mouth is being replaced by Word of Facebook

Facebook is growing, now with 600,000,000  FB users,  your customers are all on Facebook… your company should be too.

FB is the ONLY  possible contender to beat Giant Google

Facebook is the only website to ever top Google in total number of minute spent online.

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An SEO “optimizes” not only a companies website, but also “optimizes” the social networking profiles for a company. What does that mean?
You have your company on Facebook? fine, did you know you can improve your ranking WITHIN Facebook?
You have your company on LinkedIn? fine, did you know you can improve your ranking WITHIN LInkedIn?

Any SEO worth his or her salt will “optimize” your companies profiles so said company profile will rank in Google right alongside the companies main website listing in Google

Yes we are for hire and have a good, better, best plan for you to choose from

8hrs of 1 on 1 face time to teach you how to out perform your competitors on social media $700 in Frederick Maryland and Montgomery County Maryland. We can do joint web conference if you are not located in Frederick County or Montgomery County Md – remote log in where we can both move the mouse, we can hear each other on the phone, you can ask questions about what you see me do etc.

Client List Testimonials available upon request. Consulting includes creating profiles and optimizing them specifically to improve your company website’s ranking in Google.

NOTE: we do not accept everybody that requests our services, the first hour is free to determine if we want to accept you and if we can do anything for you. We do not accept a client if we don’t think we can do something for you.

Business Blog Creation: WordPress blog hosted on your domain and SEO optimized- $500 we hand the keys to you

Blogger Supporting Blog Creation: Feedburner set up, SEO optimized – $200 we hand the keys to you

Google Places ranking starting from $2400 annually to $12000 annually.

Full portfolio displaying current rankings of existing clients, a proven track record, don’t take our word for any of this… call each one of our customers and ask them. Phone numbers and contact emails available on request.

Managed Company Facebook Pages $500 Month and up

Ghost write content for the supporting blogs we create, get each of them to rank in Google and create content for your company Facebook page and get the company Facebook Page we create and manage for your company to rank in Google:

$1000 upfront: between $500 month and $1000 month for retainer fee and content creation/management. Fee’s vary depending on the competitiveness of your target market. We can hit any target, some targets are harder to hit than others.

Typical Fee is $15000 annually ideally for criminal lawyers, divorce attorneys that want to dominate the local search pages for the geographical area they practice law in.

National SEO Rankings: fees vary depending on competitiveness of the selected keyword phrase. Fees range from $1,000 per month to $10,000 per month (depending on the strength of the competition)
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As a search engine optimization expert who conducts marketing campaigns for small businesses primarily in Maryland I have to say this about Facebook:

You want to sell stuff to people that have money.

You want to sell stuff to people who can actually afford what it is you’re selling

Facebook IS our target market. The demographics are people that have the age, experience, credit score, education, and credibility… None of the above is true for MySpace.

There is a reason the 40 to 50 year old demographic moved to facebook all at once… they had no where else to go! What were they going to do, hang out with the folks with nose rings, tatoos and glitzy ‘pimped profiles’?

Now if you sold ring tones for brightly colored cell phones that are also MP3 players AND did double duty as a Tom Tom… then MySpace is where you want to market.

You want serious people actually capable of buying your product? Facebook IS the only viable answer… and to make it even sweeter… Facebook is where you go to find lost friends, classmates, even the love of your life that got away (now that the two of you are divorced).

I create Ghost Facebook pages for a fee the same way I do Ghost Blogs for my SEO customers. No one need ever know it was me writing the copy… and ALL of my SEO clients are #1 in Google.

Google this: local Google advertising and see who is in the top 2 listings worldwide

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Guaranteed Top 10 Google Rankings for each and every client.